MINDSET Online Filmmaking School

You will learn how to remain positive and focused during projects and how to find your inspiration during blank moments. When to accept or refuse a project.

Online Filmmaking School  EQUIPMENT

Choose the right equipment depending on what you’re going to shoot! Get cinematic looks even on a low budget!

FILMING TECHNIQUES Online Filmmaking School

Take the best approach whether you’re shooting vacation videos or large-scale productions.

Online Filmmaking School  LIGHTING

Master the of use light in any environment and how to take advantage of the sun’s light.

EDIT  Online Filmmaking School

Improve your skills and workflow to get better results and maximize your time.

Online Filmmaking School  COLOR GRADE

Transform an ordinary shot into a cinematic one, applying LUTs.

BEHIND THE SCENES  Online Filmmaking School

Experience multiple sets and projects along with detailed explanations for the creative choices. See the results – before and after.

Online Filmmaking School  WRITE A SCRIPT

Everything starts with a small idea, so you will study how to develop it in a full scenario and get started.

INCREASE YOUR INCOME  Online Filmmaking School

Find out how to grow your business and get new clients.

Online Filmmaking School  PERSONAL MENTOR

Get access to 1-on-1 video calls where I can share advice tailored to your needs and challenges.

LIVE INTERACTIVE EVENTS  Online Filmmaking School

Each month I’ll be shooting and directing an event where you can ask me live questions and we can interact!

Online Filmmaking School  BONUS RESOURCES

I’ll be giving you projects to work on and share my feedback, among color Luts, soundtracks, VFX and more.


My name is Daragiu Bogdan.

I’ve been working as a Director and a DOP for over 1000 projects, across 50 countries, with international top artists, INNA J. BALVIN, ALEXANDRA STAN, YANDEL and more.

I will be your personal mentor and you’ll get access to the online social network where you can interact with other filmmakers.

I want to help you maximize your time and get the most out of it, not having to go through years of a hard learning process and instead teach you the best techniques and approach to create videos that will inspire others too!

Let’s make History


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Online Filmmaking School
Online Filmmaking School
Online Filmmaking School
Online Filmmaking School




  • 20+ hrs of Content
  • Access to all Modules
  • Personal Mentor
  • Bonus Resources/LUTs
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Video Contests
  • Lifetime Access
  • Projects Feedback


Q. Who is this class for?

A. This class is for everyone, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced in cinematography.
The class will contain valuable information about all sorts of projects with low, medium and high budgets.


Q. What’s the duration of the class?

A. This is a lifetime service. I will keep updating new content permanently and you will have access to.


Q. How does the class work?

A. This is an online class so that anyone from anywhere can participate. The class is structured in modules which will reveal every 2 weeks. The reason why I release the modules in this time frame is that everyone will be getting exercise to do and I will personally follow with your progress.


If you have any questions or doubts about whether this program is right for you, please contact me at contact@daragiu.com

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